Pathological Fractures and Fracture Fixation

Pathological fractures are secondary to altered skeletal physiology and mechanics, and proper diagnosis and staging are key to patient outcomes. This activity reviews the evaluation and treatment of pathologic fractures, and highlights the important role of an interprofessional team. It also summarizes the surgical approach to repair pathologic fractures based on anatomic location and healing… Continue reading Pathological Fractures and Fracture Fixation

Accommodation at a Pension

If you’re considering a vacation in Europe and are looking for a less expensive lodging alternative to a full-scale hotel, consider booking accommodation at a pension. These smaller hotels are often family-run, non-smoking, and offer more amenities than just breakfast. While they are often more affordable, a pension may be less comfortable or offer security… Continue reading Accommodation at a Pension

Improving Your Driving Skill to Avoid Accidents

A good driving skill will help you avoid accidents. There are five fundamental subjects, which you need to be good at, to drive a car safely. These subjects are Time perspective, Spatial cognition, Navigational skills, and problem solving. If you aren’t proficient in any one of these areas, you’re more likely to get into an… Continue reading Improving Your Driving Skill to Avoid Accidents